October 25, 2021

Restaurant Break Management Made Simple

Restaurant employees enjoy break.

In certain states like New York, Connecticut, Florida, and California, labor laws require that service staff at restaurants take structured breaks during shifts.

This is not only a legal mandate, if it’s implemented well, it can improve the employee experience, too. If not, it can easily become a point of contention and very costly in the form of employee turnover and onerous government penalties. 

It is risky for restaurants to rely on the honor code or memory to manage employee breaks. These methods introduce human error and increase exposure.

The good news is that this is avoidable using software.


Building Break Management Into Axial Commerce

Recently, we added a break management feature into Axial’s app to help our clients stay on top of break scheduling and de-risk their business. 

The system is transparent for both management and service staff, and it provides a much better employee experience.

Restaurant organizations can establish break rules for employees and set up penalty hours to be paid if an employee misses a break. To prevent penalties, Axial will send push notifications to managers and supervisors before it’s time for breaks to be taken and can elevate notifications if breaks are still not taken after initial notification

Axial creates an audit trail of documentation related to breaks so that there’s no misunderstanding and restaurants can demonstrate compliance with laws.

Want to see this feature for yourself? Contact us to set up a one-on-one demo.

To start a free trial, to schedule a demo, or to learn more, register at https://app.axialcommerce.com/register or contact us by clicking here.


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