May 3, 2023

Restaurant Receipt Retrieval: Automated Solution for Managing Post-Dining Transaction Requests

Do you have customers that need a copy of their receipt long after their dining experience? We’ve all been there, whether we’ve been on the guest side or the business side of the request. And while we may sympathize with how manual and time-consuming the receipt retrieval process can be, we also know how a restaurant responds to these types of requests will impact whether or not a guest will decide to become a repeat customer.

Regardless of use case –  repeat customers, corporate accounts, or large-scale delivery orders – the restaurant industry hasn’t quite cracked the code on how to automate the receipt recovery process. Until now.

With the receipt retrieval launch, Axial Shift gives businesses the tools to deliver a more personalized service in response to customer needs. Customers can now recover lost receipts quickly and easily by simply visiting the website and entering their dining details – completely eliminating the need to call the store. 

Your team will become more efficient in post-dining follow up requests and customers will get the experience they deserve. 

The Customer Receipt Retrieval Experience

How Automated Receipt Recovery will Help You and Your Guests

  • Simple website plugin allows guests to search and download past receipts needed for expense reports, budget tracking or otherwise
  • Save time/effort from never having to look up and send a receipt to a customer again
  • Increase guest satisfaction with flexible, self-serve access to receipts 

Axial Shift is designed to make the way you run your restaurants simpler and more impactful for your bottom line. We provide the solutions you need to ensure you capture accurate data, reduce overhead costs, and increase business efficiency. 

With the latest release for on-demand receipts, restaurants now have an additional way to improve the customer post-dining experience that doesn’t take managers away from their in-store guests.

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