September 22, 2021

Restaurant Software Designed To Get You Back To Work

Lively restaurant patrons enjoy a meal.

Restaurants are similar to other businesses, where it takes new employees some time to get acclimated and learn their coworkers and the standard operating procedures. A big part of this onboarding process is learning how to use software.

In restaurants, software is meant to be complementary to the job rather than a core job function. The reality, though, is that restaurants often utilize many disparate software tools that account for an increasing share of managers’ time and attention. This carries plenty of friction.

It’s not uncommon for restaurant managers to designate one of their colleagues as the “administrative manager,” and this person is responsible for crunching numbers, setting the labor plan, scheduling, etc. This is time they spend away from the floor, where they can monitor the dining experience and interact with service staff (i.e. the duties that should comprise the majority of their jobs).

After observing this behavior in our restaurants for many years, we decided to do something about it.

Get In, Get Value, Get Out

We built Axial Commerce with the intention of:

  • Consolidating features and functionality from multiple software tools into a single app
  • Eliminating unnecessary features to include only what’s most relevant and meaningful
  • Improving the performance of restaurant staff through gamification

We’ve placed a huge emphasis on efficiency, not only in terms of the time it takes people to learn how to use the app, but also in terms of how long it takes to derive value from the app.

Axial contains only a few buttons (add, edit, delete, download, filter), and we’ve added visual cues to indicate performance without having to click around or sift through data. The most common user behavior that we see is clients who open the app frequently, but for short time periods. This is what it’s designed for!

To cater to all learning styles, we’ve developed other methods of presenting data to maximize the absorption of information. 

It’s made a huge difference in our clients’ businesses, and they no longer perceive software as a necessary evil to operate their stores. Rather, Axial has become a value-add, which is what software should be.

To start a free trial, to schedule a demo, or to learn more, register at or contact us by clicking here.


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