November 1, 2021

Restaurant Software Onboarding Must Change

Man works on computer in restaurant.

Restaurants are fast-paced, and employee bandwidth is limited. In this environment, there is little tolerance for cumbersome processes that can upend work schedules and serve as a distraction. It’s a matter of practicality.

This is particularly relevant in terms of software designed for restaurants. The pain of onboarding and integration is why so many restaurants don’t fully adopt software, even if they know it could help them in the long run. Why does it feel like we have to suffer a material disruption before we can move ahead?

The reality is that software typically requires install processes, employee training, and at least some degree of organizational change. This pain point hits a particularly raw nerve with us, since we’ve used so many different restaurant software systems over the past few decades. We’ve seen firsthand how painstaking it can be.

Software Designed For Speed, Not Disruption

Since 2018, our product team has spent thousands of hours refining our process to cut the time it takes for restaurants to get up and running on Axial.

The Level 1 version of our platform – which includes real-time operations (mobile app), nightly performance summaries, online data and reporting suite, and unlimited POS data backups – takes less than 2 minutes to install on a new store. Training on the system takes less than 5 minutes thanks to the intuitive navigation and consistent, easy-to-use interface. 

For the Level 2 version of our app – which adds employee onboarding, team scheduling and development, vendors and purchase tracking, and projections and budgeting – onboarding typically takes less than an hour (employees, jobs roles, and menu items all automatically set themselves up from imported POS data).

This is a real differentiator for Axial, because the “time to value” is so short for our clients. It’s a small investment in time for restaurant managers and staff to achieve real transparency and to begin making data-informed decisions that used to require hours of number-crunching in spreadsheets. 

Also, once you’re in the app, you don’t need to spend hours poring over reports to understand what’s going on at your store. Axial’s interface was meticulously designed to appeal to all learning types in terms of how we display the data and drive financial literacy and awareness of opportunities.

The difference that speed makes in how clients utilize the Axial app is tremendous, which is why Axial users utilize the system at extremely high frequency but also for short time intervals.

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