Consistency Across All Units – On Autopilot

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The Data That Matters

  • RBe in the know, at all times, across multiple locations
  • REffectively balance labor, sales, & costs
  • REffortlessly create, manage, and track incentive challenges across locations
  • RTalk with your managers seamlessly, top-down and bottom-up

How We Do It

We reimagine data from your existing POS system to provide you with in-shift insights – in an easy-to-use app.
Net Sales Dashboard iPhone screenshot

Make immediate in-shift decisions about sales, labor and lost sales


Promote healthy competition with transparency


Provide individualized data on role-based dashboards

It’s Your Data. Use It How You Need To.

Axial Shift for Team Members - chefs cooking in kitchen

Effective restaurant operations is a balancing act. Efficiently using time to gather information, make decisions, and take action quickly. That means less manual reporting with data in multiple places and more focus on the team, their needs, and a great customer experience. 

Our integration is frictionless, using your existing POS data as well as other sources as needed. With no extensive training time for you or your staff, we can have you up and running in minutes. Get started with a quick demo.  

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