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Axial Shift creates gamified incentives that empower and engage frontline managers and staff.
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Gamify Sales Performance

Keep staff motivated, enthusiastic and engaged
  • See where common upsell options are missed
  • Motivate staff by making it clear how upselling benefits their individual bottomline as well as the store’s
  • Benchmark at a single location or across multiple
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  • Incentivize proper behavior through transparency and healthy competition, based on human psychology.
  • Easily view updated contest criteria via mobile app
  • Focus on profitable items or new items to drive proper selling

Make Better Use of Your POS Data

Using reinterpreted data directly from your POS, learn the art of running restaurants with insight into these four key areas.
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Filter sales by store-level or team member to view location-specific performance.

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Lost Sales

See where common upsell options are missed, and how much comps are costing you.

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Both managers and team members achieve a new level of accuracy and transparency.

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One place for vendors, recipes, all items purchased, their depletion and replacement.

Retention’s Secret Sauce

Axial Shift For Managers
For Managers
  • Keep managers on the floor instead of running to the back office
  • Provide the insights they need to be better at their jobs
  • Develop even the most unseasoned team members
  • Trust and transparency between management and team
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For Team Members
  • Schedule flexibility and easily accessible via the app
  • Paycheck transparency and accuracy
  • Gamified sales views to help staff see how to earn more
  • Transformation from job to career


No Barriers to Entry

Quick to set-up, easy-to-use, and financially accessible.
Set-Up in a Snap

Be up and running in as little as 10 minutes with the Basic plan, and roughly 90 minutes for the Starter plan.

No Training Required

Graphical or data-based views that are clear and easy to understand.

Free Stuff

Use our Tier 1 options for no charge, and upgrade for 30 days for no cost.

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