November 5, 2021

Keep Managers On The Floor: Employee Feedback

Every successful restaurant has at least one thing in common: Their managers spend the vast majority of their time on the floor participating in the dining experience.

When managers are engaged (with customers, with employees, with the experience) at their restaurants, everything runs smoother. Problems are solved preemptively, service staff receive the support they need, customers get added attention, and the entire operation functions better.

So if managers spending time on the floor is so impactful, why is it that so many duties remove them from that environment?

In this series, we’ll go into depth on various administrative tasks that managers are responsible for that take them away from the floor. And we’ll detail how Axial Commerce is built to solve these challenges.

Employee Feedback At Restaurants

Conversations between restaurant managers and service staff are essential, but all too often these discussions are not constructive. This is a function of low bandwidth, competing priorities, and a lack of objective performance data on which to base the feedback.

These factors contribute to low morale among employees, as well as unnecessary, ad-hoc meetings that occur when issues build up. Managers may feel like they’re constantly putting out fires when their employees are either underperforming, turning over, or asking for clarification on things like shift schedules and tip share. 

Axial’s app provides basic real-time information like sales, average check size, labor and purchase data that can keep managers aware of their store’s performance. Importantly, the app also provides individual feedback directly to staff so they can see how their output compares to their peers and the restaurant averages, as well as their punch and other earnings data. 

This eliminates question marks that many employees have regarding their performance and their earnings and prevents misunderstandings and distractions during service. All of this serves to save managers time so that they can better focus their energy and efforts on the dining experience.

Below is more information on how Axial was built to facilitate feedback between managers and service staff.

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