December 1, 2021

Keep Managers On The Floor: Employee Scheduling

We’re continuing our series on what keeps managers from concentrating on the most valuable aspects of their jobs. 

Previously, we discussed how the lack of employee feedback can sidetrack managers. Another major time-suck is employee scheduling. If a typical restaurant manager added up the time they spend discussing and determining shifts for service staff, it’d account for roughly 20-25% of their jobs.

This isn’t tenable, nor is it efficient, and there is a better way to operate.

Restaurant Scheduling Made Easy

The job of restaurant managers involves several points of friction. Scheduling doesn’t need to be one of them.

In the Axial app, we incorporate sales and labor projections based on historical performance data, and these forecasts are tied directly to scheduling. This removes a lot of guesswork and enables managers to better plan their schedule. This sets the staff up for success and significantly reduces turnover by dramatically reducing staff frustration on shift.

In addition, employees can use Axial to check and request adjustments to their shifts at the touch of a button. This reduces tiresome back-and-forth communication with managers, and worse, forgotten punch edits that lead to incorrect paychecks. It may not seem like a big deal if managers spend 10-15 minutes a week with each employee sorting out their schedules, but once you multiply that by the number of employees, it’s clear how much time can be saved.

Beyond that, when employees feel like setting and adjusting their shifts is easy, their morale improves because they avoid one of the biggest headaches of working at a restaurant. When the employee experience is better, it’s easier for restaurants to retain their workers. This is the real benefit of making administrative tasks more efficient and less cumbersome.

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