November 3, 2021

Axial Commerce Adds First Accounting Integration – Quickbooks Online

Employees discuss finances over laptop.

Identifying the sources of administrative burden inside restaurant organizations and eliminating them is one of the most powerful ways to improve the employee experience, especially for managers and service staff.

There are so many cumbersome and painstaking duties and processes that stand in the way of high-value tasks. Near the top of that list is accounting, and this is why we’re excited to announce that Axial now integrates with Quickbooks Online.

Save Time On Restaurant Accounting and Increase Transparency

Available to all Axial users at no additional cost, the integration with Quickbooks Online allows users to avoid manually entering sales, payments, petty cash, tips and taxes. The integration reduces human error and allows for instant financial reporting.

There is great value in restaurants having faster and more detailed financial reporting. Transparency and reliability around accounting allows for quicker and more confident decision-making and less second-guessing.

Manual daily accounting is cumbersome, so it’s rarely implemented. With Axial’s integration, matching transactions as they come in from bank feeds is seamless and missing cash is immediately obvious. Reconciling tips and planning cash flow also becomes simple.

We have more accounting software integrations on the roadmap. Contact us if there’s a specific integration that you’d like to see.

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