November 2, 2022

Axial Shift Announces Tip Sharing That Kicks A$$

Axial Tip Sharing

Managers of front-line teams are constantly confronted with making on the fly decisions about tips based on who showed up on time, who called in, and who is pulling their weight…or not. This creates friction among the team and can mess with an employee’s pay, which is the #1 reason people quit. Our focus is to improve the employee experience – making it better, calmer, and more fun – showing team members directly how they can improve and make more money. 

While tip sharing can be divisive in nature, it can also be conducive to overall team motivation and collaboration. And now with consumer dollars funneling more into increasing check size, it leaves less opportunity for your frontline team members to get the tip they deserve in the natural course of the dining experience. 

Axial Shift is proud to announce its new Tip Sharing feature that is configurable to each of your locations. Axial’s Tip Sharing allows you to calculate tip shares by sales type down to each and every transaction, so you can:

  • Deliver unparalleled transparency so everyone on staff can see exactly how tips are calculated, down to the transaction. For example, if you only want to tip bar staff based on alcohol sales, you can apply a tip percentage only to those alcohol sales, even if they were part of a larger transaction. 
  • Calculate fairly and frictionlessly to ensure tipping practices are consistent and data-driven, not arbitrary. 
  • Calculate tips automatically based on when team members are working, so no one is paid a portion of the pool if they didn’t earn it. 
  • Fully customize tip calculations by location and day part or shift.
  • Export directly to payroll, no additional spreadsheets required. 

Report on historical tip payouts, as needed.

Axial Shift Tip Sharing Made Simple
Axial Shift Tip Configuration

Restaurants with one or many locations can stand to benefit from reimagining the employee experience. Start small, by first understanding what drives team member performance. After all, the true path to growing your restaurant performance and sales is making consistent incremental changes to your operations over time. And it starts with your team.

Longtime Axial Shift customer, Abel’s on the Lake, shared his experience with implementing the new tip sharing feature below:

“Knowing that Axial Shift is offering an easier, more precise way for us to do tip sharing with more visibility and transparency – down to the line item – is incredibly exciting. We can’t wait to roll it out storewide.”

– Eric, General Manager

Keep the lines of communication open with your team to know what’s working, and what’s not when implementing any new system, and be able to clearly communicate the value they bring to your business. Ultimately, your frontline team is responsible for being the face of your brand.

Want to see it in action? We’d love to give you a no-obligation demonstration! Email us at: or call us at: +1 (510) 519-3988

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