August 4, 2022

Reimagining The Restaurant Employee Experience

Bakery Point of Sale

The customer is at the center of the restaurant experience.

No one will claim that statement to be controversial. In fact, you may think it’s common sense.

We have a slightly different and counterintuitive take based on our 20+ years in the restaurant industry.

Just imagine – by shifting the focus to emphasize a great employee experience, we are able to improve the dining experience and solve the biggest pain points of managing a restaurant?

A Paradigm Shift In The Restaurant Industry

Axial Shift began in 2017 with the belief that investing in restaurant employees is the key to employee retention, attracting new staff, and building a positive, high-functioning work environment. It’s not a coincidence that these components lead to happier customers, too. After all, some of the most successful businesses in our lifetimes have lived and breathed this approach (think Patagonia, Southwest Airlines, and Virgin, to name a few).

Our mission is to contribute to the experiences of restaurant teams thereby helping drive sales, reduce employee turnover, and control expenses. Our best-in-class software alleviates common issues that restaurants experience and improves employee engagement.

By creating transparency around earnings, reducing friction in work scheduling, and providing access to relevant sales data in real-time, Axial is able to improve communication among staff and give time back to employees and managers so that they can focus on serving customers.

Each feature of our software is a part of the puzzle. Combined, the pieces offer a holistic solution to pervasive problems that have plagued restaurant owners/operators, managers, and staff for years.

Feedback From Restaurants Is Positive

Our customers like Johnny Rockets, Sugar Factory, Chicken Express and others have seen an immediate improvement in their employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. The highest and best use of these restaurant employees’ time is not manual, administrative tasks. Rather, it is spending time on the floor and on the line – where the profit is made!

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