June 7, 2021

The Software Conundrum Facing The Restaurant Industry

Working On Restaurant Software

If you speak to 100 operators about how they manage their restaurants, nearly all of them will tell you that they rely heavily on various software systems to run their business. 

In the past decade, technology has become an inevitable part of the restaurant industry, and it will become even more integral in the future. 

The problem is, the tech landscape facing restaurant operators is fragmented and confusing. Everyone is using technology to handle some element of their business, often 6-7 solutions in total that rarely talk to each other. This is inefficient and challenging for training purposes. It also forces managers to spend an inordinate amount of time in the office grinding through data and reports.

It’s not uncommon for owners to spend as much time training their people how to use the software as they do educating them on how to supervise their team and drive sales and guest experience. With restaurant managers trending younger and younger, developing their management skills and multiple software products is very challenging. 

Beyond that, the user interfaces for restaurant software typically haven’t been designed with operators in mind. Many of the best operators are not highly proficient with computers. Operators (computer savvy or not) need simple, intuitive, and minimalistic tools to maximize the time they spend on high-value tasks.

What Is The Software Solution For Restaurant Owners

Restaurants need software that is easy to adopt and utilize, and that makes sense in the day-to-day flow of a restaurant. The industry needs software that is organic to a restaurant’s workflow, and addresses the key aspects of running a unit (sales, comps+voids, labor & purchases) such that each feature feels like another spoke on the same wheel.

When software caters to multiple stakeholders inside a restaurant (i.e. owners, managers, servers), it increases transparency and encourages collaboration. This is key to building trust and boosting morale, which in turn reduces employee turnover.

With all of these considerations in mind, we developed Axial Commerce from the ground up to be a one-stop solution for restaurant owners, operators, managers, and staff. This is the software we always wanted in our restaurants, but it never existed. 

Now, we’re excited to introduce others to Axial Commerce because we’ve seen how much of a difference it makes in our customers’ businesses.

To start a free trial, to schedule a demo, or to learn more, register at https://app.axialcommerce.com/register or contact us by clicking here.

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