May 12, 2021

Restaurant Labor Planning Can Be Smart And Simple

Labor Planning

Whoever coined the phrase, “Fail to plan, plan to fail,” must have worked in a restaurant.

One of the determining factors in operating a profitable restaurant is how well you plan your labor and forecast sales.

Overstaffing often leads to excessive labor cuts later in the week and stress on the team, and can set confusing expectations for staff.

Understaffing leads to poor guest and employee experiences, and ultimately reduces sales, making it even harder to hit target labor percentages.

Building accurate labor plans AND reflecting on them (in order to improve planning for the next period) is the key to growing sales.

But how? Just compiling the data to make an accurate labor plan for a single week requires running dozens of POS reports and building expansive spreadsheets. A single transposition error can throw the whole thing off, and the time to complete all of this just doesn’t exist in a restaurant, so it rarely happens.

Instead, labor plans are copied and pasted from templates that are infrequently updated, and managers make ad hoc adjustments that are based on gut instinct instead of the data that already exists in their store!

Free Up Managers’ Time And Make Smarter Decisions

Axial Commerce integrates with restaurants’ point-of-sale to use existing information to provide fast, actionable reporting and feedback. As a result, managers can avoid spreadsheet headaches and focus on analyzing how to drive performance in their units.

Moreover, Axial’s sales and labor projections flow through to scheduling, which is linked to sales, so the pieces fit together without any additional effort from management. Axial will (in real-time) show managers where they are hitting and missing targets so they can focus on adjusting at the moment and improving subsequent planning.

From using Axial, our customers see a big impact on employee satisfaction. Managers get to focus more time on driving experiences and less time on monotonous admin tasks. We empower teams by making their day-to-day life faster, enabling them to make more data-informed decisions while also spending more time with their staff and their guests.



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