June 23, 2021

Restaurant Industry Lags Behind In Technology

Restaurant Order

If you worked in a restaurant 20 years ago, the experience would be a lot like it is nowadays.

For instance, the way tips are collected and shared, how labor schedules are built, and the way information is communicated with staff are the same today as a few decades ago with few exceptions.

Consider how much has changed in technology in that same time span. People now live their lives through their mobile phones and Apple Watches. They measure activity and health through fitness apps. They track their budgets using personal finance apps. They connect with people through social networks. They get weekly data and analytics on their device usage.

We are far more tech-savvy today than at any time in history, and this is especially true for younger generations.

So imagine what it’s like for a new restaurant employee who is essentially entering an analog environment at work. It’s jarring. 

The Tech Gap In Restaurants

For the vast majority of restaurants, a major gap exists between the experience they deliver to their employees and how employees operate in their day-to-day lives. 

It’s counterintuitive because margins are notoriously thin at restaurants, and technology is a major lever that operators can pull to improve performance. Also, technology adoption should be easier than ever because the workforce is primed for it.

Where we see the biggest opportunity is with software that can automate cumbersome and manual tasks, as well as provide visibility into key restaurant drivers that can improve performance. Giving staff access to this type of information in real-time and on the go via mobile app is what employees expect.  

When given these tools, employees become more informed, more engaged, and more loyal.

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