Axial Shift Products

Put Real-Time Data to Work

Axial Shift and our entire product portfolio take your data and make it usable and digestible in real-time across all roles in an organization, allowing you to react in the moment, capitalize on every opportunity in your shift, and make everyone more successful.
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View your data on-the go and analyze trends and variances. Mobile access allows you to bring your data with you as you operate.

Real-time dashboards and drill-down capabilities

Configurable comparison metrics to fit your business needs

Fraud-detection alerting

Review your stores one at a time, or roll them up into a configurable hierarchy

Gamify Your Operations with Axial Challenge

By providing your entire team with access to real-time data, Axial Challenge can incentivize and motivate your frontline teams. Choose from a variety of challenge types in order to effectively communicate and measure success, based on challenge results, throughout your organization.

  • Challenge types include Total Sales, SPLH, Comps, Voids, Percent of Sales and more!
  • View challenge results in real-time and motivate your team in the moment
  • An easy and interactive leaderboard intended to encourage participation
  • Historical comparisons help to measure success and areas to improve
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The Marketplace

Get your data where you need it, and when

It’s complicated gathering all of your data from multiple sources, and then delivering it in a format that meets the needs of your organization. Axial Marketplace captures data from wherever it lives and makes it easy for you to consume and use.
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Event-based or schedule-based reporting

You pick the data elements and decide where you want them to go

Integrations where your data lives, including Airtable, Slack, Google and more.

POS Integrations

Critical to real-time data capture is the integration with your POS. Axial Shift already integrates with many popular POS, such as Toast, Aloha, Square, Micros, Brink, Lavu, Northstar, Symphony and more. Don’t see yours on the list? No problem! We’re happy to do a custom integration!

Message Masterfully with Axial Hub

Streamline communication between managers, operators and employees to keep everyone informed and on the same page.

  • Interact seamlessly with your co-workers and leaders via direct messages, private channels, or group your channel members together by job code
  • Logbook-style tracking with a custom form builder
  • AI-powered historical searching capabilities
  • Attach images, send YouTube videos, & post relevant messages to the Daily Planner for easy viewing
Axial Shift Dashboard on iPhone

Schedule like a Boss with Axial Labor

Automate complex scheduling tasks and maximize efficiency while ensuring each shift has the right coverage.
Axial Shift Scheduler on iPad

Schedule the way you prefer – by employee or by job code!

OT and exception alerting, preventing costly errors

Save as you go – no more losing progress as you craft the perfect schedule

Daily Planner to organize all this information and more

Daily or weekly templates

Collaborate on a schedule together at the same time

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