December 6, 2021

Keep Managers On The Floor: Inventory Reports

We’ve discussed how employee feedback and scheduling can account for an inordinate amount of restaurant managers’ time and attention. This prevents managers from staying engaged with the dining experience, which is where they add the most value. 

Tracking inventory is another critical task that is time-consuming and error prone for managers to oversee effectively. Understanding what product you’re selling, tracking how much you’re selling, and knowing when you’re selling it involves many moving parts and quite a bit of precision. Transparency on what items are selling and quick, flexible inventory mapping that lets you track key items can dramatically reduce errors and wasted energy.

When there are large fluctuations in inventory caused by variables like comps, new menu items, preparation mishaps, or higher-than-anticipated demand, managers have to normally have to make on the fly adjustments, which oftentimes lead to over or under ordering, i.e. waste or 86’d items. This is why “winging it” by using gut instinct to forecast and track inventory is inefficient and creates more work in the long run. 

Axial provides managers transparent inventory usage on demand that can be tailored to just key items or an entire menu. The alternative is managers buried in spreadsheets or heavy back office software, or more likely just guessing.

Automated Inventory Usage Reports For Restaurants

Keeping tabs on inventory levels using Axial is simple and reliable. We provide an automated inventory usage report broken down by day part. This data provides immediate visibility into how much (and when) product is needed. We also can include comps in the report if restaurants track this in their POS system. 

By accessing this report, everyone from restaurant managers to prep cooks to the barbacks can become smarter at their jobs and focus more time on avoiding issues rather than resolving them after they happen. This means less waste, faster decision-making, fewer headaches, better labor allocation, and improved capital efficiency.

The key benefit to the automated inventory usage report is it allows people to become better at their jobs because they can focus on the key value drivers for their respective roles. This makes a huge difference in the employee experience. People want to be great at what they do. It’s amazing what they can accomplish when unnecessary obstacles are removed.

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