July 11, 2021

Axial Employee Spotlight: Aaron Frescas

Axial Commerce

EDITOR’S NOTE: Meet the people behind Axial Commerce in this series where we learn about our employees’ career paths, what they enjoy about the restaurant industry, how they spend their time outside of work, and more.

Aaron Frescas

Pictured: Aaron Frescas

Aaron Frescas is a seasoned operator/solutions advisor at Axial Commerce. He began working with us in April 2021 and spends his time advising new and existing restaurant partners.

In his career spanning 20+ years,  Aaron has spent the majority of his time working in the restaurant industry. His first restaurant job was in 1994 right out of high school.

Describe your role at Axial Commerce?
I primarily focus on advising and finding solutions for our restaurant partners. I also work on new sales and account management. As a former restaurant operator, I also like to provide input on our messaging and the user interface of our software. I like to ensure that in everything we do, we think about it from the perspective of restaurant operators first and foremost.

What made you want to work at Axial Commerce?
The overwhelming reason is because the founder, Ellis Winstanley, is so committed to providing a solution for the pain points that restaurant operators face. He’s not just a guy who thought of a product to sell. Ellis developed the Axial Commerce software to benefit his own restaurants, and now he’s sharing it with others. So that resonated with me.

Also, I missed the problem-solving side of the restaurant industry. Working for Axial Commerce gave that back to me.

What do you love about the restaurant industry?
It’s the people. The relationships I’ve formed are incredible. Also, excelling in the restaurant industry requires left- and right-brain thinking. I like the creative aspects of working in restaurants, but I also love the math behind the operations. It’s a fun dance. Lastly, I enjoy how restaurants are a combination of manufacturing and retail under the same roof. It’s never boring.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love being a dad. I have a 6-year-old daughter who keeps me pretty busy. I enjoy biking the greenbelts and being outdoors. Anything on the water is great, too.

What do you like about living in Austin?
I’ve been in Austin my entire adult life. I love how Austin is a growing metropolis, but it still maintains its small-town appeal. There are lots of great outdoor activities. And there are so many amazing and unique restaurant and bar concepts that really shape the personality of the city.

Favorite business book or podcast?
When I was in college, my father introduced me to some great books on relationship-building. I enjoy reading or listening to anything on self-improvement and leadership.

Any hidden talents?
I have been a professional musician for my entire adult life. But I don’t play many gigs these days, so I guess you can call that talent hidden 🙂 Also, I can make a mean old fashioned. 

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