May 3, 2021

Axial Commerce Partners With Texas Restaurant Association To Accelerate COVID-19 Recovery

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Axial’s sales and retention platform is available for free to TRA members

The Texas restaurant industry has been decimated in the past year since the onset of the pandemic. There are signs of recovery, but the road ahead remains long and arduous.

Put simply, the restaurant industry makes up the fabric of Texas. Restaurants in our great state contribute immensely to our culture, quality of life, and economy.

We want to contribute to the rebound, so we’ve partnered with the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) to make our software available with your TRA membership through the end of 2021.

Recovery In Our Restaurants Starts With Our Teams’ Experiences

Axial Commerce’s software complements existing point-of-sale (POS) systems and provides immediate insights, enabling full team engagement and reducing operational burden.

When restaurant staff and management have immediate quantifiable feedback on their performance, their jobs are more rewarding and they make greater contributions to the guest experience. Axial increases sales, reduces turnover, and streamlines back-office admin tasks.

“I’m a TRA board member with 20 years of restaurant experience, so aiding in the recovery of Texas restaurants is near and dear to my heart,” Axial Commerce Co-Founder & President Ellis Winstanley said. “I hope restaurant owners take advantage of this offer, because I’ve seen how much our software can drive sales and improve employee retention. It makes a big difference.”

TRA members can access our software credit valued at $875 by contacting us.

Benefits include:

Benefits Of Axial Commerce

Feedback From Axial Commerce Customers

Johnny Rockets, Sugar Factory, Chicken Express, and El Arroyo are a few of the restaurants benefiting from Axial Commerce software.

“Axial has been a game-changer for my restaurants,” Lloyd Sugarman, co-founder of Johnny Rockets and Sugar Factory, said. “We are all looking at the same information and my managers are able to focus on the fundamentals of driving sales and controlling labor and purchases.”

Jordan Woolf, owner of Chicken Express, shared similar sentiments. He’s a multi-unit QSR operator in North Texas and Oklahoma.

“It’s scary how much better running my restaurants is with Axial!” Woolf said. “Really glad we are using y’all. It’s really a lot easier than it used to be.”

About Axial Commerce

Founded in 2017, Axial Commerce’s mission is to contribute to the experiences of restaurant teams by helping drive sales, reduce turnover, and control expenses. Led by restaurant industry veteran and Texas Restaurant Association Board Member Ellis Winstanley, Axial Commerce alleviates common issues that restaurants experience and drives positive employee experiences. To learn more, call us at 512-686-3355. Click here to schedule a meeting with Aaron Frescas, Seasoned Operator / Solutions Advisor at Axial Commerce.

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