A sweeping reinterpretation of everything you thought you knew about the way our planet evolved to its present state.
Axis Wobble Versus Rebound In The Upper Great Lakes Basin The Lake Superior Basin's South Slope Holocene Shorelines The Lake Winnipeg/Lake Agassiz Basin Conundrum A Re-interpretation of World Sea Levels: the Nipissing Transgression A Re-interpretation of World Sea Levels: The Agassiz Problem A Re-interpretation of World Sea Levels: The Marquette Problem A Re-interpretation of the Great Lakes Outlets During the Holocene The Evolution of Ontario's Dundalk 'Island' The Holocene Evolution of the Lake of the Woods Basin Sea Level and the Columbia River Basin at the Beginning of the Holocene Holocene Seawater Incursion of California's Valleys Re-interpretating Events in the Bonneville Basin at the Beginning of the Holocene Seawater Inundation of Texas at the Beginning of the Holocene Holocene Inundation of the Gulf of Mexico Hinterland: Oklahoma Holocene Inundation of the Mississippi Embayment: Arkansas/Missouri Holocene Inundation of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee Holocene Inundation of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia Washington, DC: More Than One Axis Shift? The 10500 and 9600 BP Axial Shifts in Northern Ontario Drumlins: Are They What They Are Cracked Up To Be? Pyramid Construction: Location and Timing is Everything Images 1-3 Images 4-6 Images 7-9 Images 10-12 Images 13-15
  • Round like a circle in a spiral
  • Like a wheel within a wheel
  • Never ending or beginning
  • On an ever-spinning reel
  • Like a snowball down a mountain
  • Or a carnival balloon
  • Like a carousel that's turning
  • Running rings around the moon
  • Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
  • Past the minutes on its face
  • And the world is like an apple
  • Spinning silently in space
  • Like the circles that you find
  • In the windmills of your mindů..
  • by Noel Harrison