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Operational Success

Running a restaurant requires timely and consistent attention into four key areas: sales, lost sales, labor and purchases. While the scope and scale of these key areas varies based on the size of your operation, the ability to quickly and easily understand and influence these areas is crucial to your operation’s success.

View sales at-a-glance or drill down into the details

Lost Sales

Address issues before it’s too late


Put mobility and automation into your labor management


Track the value of every vendor

Gamify Sales

Motivate the teams throughout your operation by delivering a transparent, real-time dashboard view into how their efforts lead directly to increased sales, tips, and repeat business. Gamify and incentivize cross-sell, up-sell opportunities with customized contests and micro-bonusing. Tie contests to specific items, promotions & high margin products. Incentivize waste prevention, guest satisfaction and/or increased sales of new menu items. The only limit is your imagination!

  • Customize gamification for all team members, including the heart of the house
  • Provide complete transparency into what is being sold and when
  • Set your business up for success based on past trends
  • Create the best experience possible for your team and guests
  • Isolate your sales to ensure you are properly set up to drive repeat business
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Track Lost Sales

Don’t wait for guests to write a lousy review to understand what needs to be improved. See it all in the moment in the data!
  • Plan menus better and more easily
  • Know exactly where to focus your training efforts
  • Identify service opportunities


We feed clear data back to your team at every interaction so those responsible for forecasting can, not only grow their financial literacy quickly, they can also:

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  • Generate better plans and execute those plans more effectively
  • Drive sales using educated projections and business trends
  • Tie forecasts to methods appropriate to your specific business 
  • Work with your internal system or third parties to consume and comprehend your methodology and forecast 
  • Align your forecast with your labor, food cost, and sales drivers to create the best experience for your team and guests

Make Better Use of Your POS Data

Using the Axial platform, you can increase sales by optimizing your labor and ensuring you have the right person at the right place at the right time. Easily create and share schedules based on the forecast. Plus, through the use of the mobile app, provide your team with their schedules, the ability to swap, trade or release, view their pay, and more.
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Schedule based on forecasted productivity

Create an optimal schedule using an easy, step-by-step process
Isolate top performers for key shifts to allow for a distributed staffing model
Access to roster breakdowns, cost by shift, team member, job, and more

Allow your team to manage their own availability, request, ideal shifts and tie back to your bottom line

Leverage the mobile app to access schedules, request off, trade shifts, access their pay and more

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Time and Attendance

  • Tie time and attendance into your forecast and scheduled labor.  
  • Access the web clock from anywhere to improve time management for your staff and management teams.  
  • Ensure you are paying your team properly based on labor laws and regulations.  
  • Manage punches for each team member, and split it by job for tip pool payment on each paycheck.
Axial Shift Team engagement screen on ipad

Team Engagement

  • Direct message between team members
  • Menu rollouts or other corporate news
  • Customizable groups for collaboration
  • Plugins available from other data sources
  • Centralize your communication
  • On the shift dynamic groups for communication
  • Across multi-locations or company-wide messaging

Understand Purchases

Your largest controllable cost has traditionally been food cost. Understanding where each item is coming from and going to is crucial to your business. With the Axial platform, you’ll have near real-time visibility into depletion, waste, cost, and more.
  • Manage your flow of items at all times
  • Track invoices by vendor
  • Tie invoices back to your recipes for simple reporting
  • Give your operators a simple way to see what’s going on within the restaurant

Royalties and Revenue Sharing

Get rid of concern and gain control of the most critical areas of the business.

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  • Eliminate the risk and uncertainty
  • Grow with confidence
    Gain complete visibility into sales volumes
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Deliver accurate reporting across franchisee’s
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Axial integrates seamlessly with a number of restaurant and retail software solutions, including Toast, Aloha, Square, Micros, Brink, Lavu, Northstar, Symphony and many more. Get in touch to learn more!

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