Get Your Gift Card Game On!

Level up your gift card sales this holiday season using Axial’s gamification module! Unique to the industry, our gamification module allows you to create, monitor, and promote friendly competition of gift card sales (or any product you choose!) among your frontline team, operators, and managers – all in real-time, right from your phone. 
Axial Shift gamification module

Motivate your team

Motivate team members throughout your operation by delivering a real-time dashboard that transparently demonstrates how their efforts are directly impacting sales, tips, and repeat business. 

Tie contests to specific items (like gift cards!), promotions & high margin products.


Incentivize waste prevention, guest satisfaction, and/or increased sales of new menu items.

Earn badges

Let your team earn badges and create streaks. The only limit is your imagination!

How it works

  • Customize your metrics: Gift Cards, SPLH, Comps, Voids, BLW% and more
  • Run unlimited challenges simultaneously
  • Watch results roll in via our real-time dashboard by position, for all-levels in the organization
  • Easily share information within or across stores
  • Drive collaboration and keep your team motivated
  • Integrate with your POS system and other third party systems
  • No setup fees
  • Get up and running within minutes
  • Add labor, if interested, on your timeline and at no cost
Axial Shift gamification dashboard

Get Started Today

Contact us to get your team started on earning badges and creating streaks.

Toast customers can sign up through the marketplace – See instructions